In the absence of guidance of a true mentor even the easiest of things appear trivial and in the absence of an experienced guidance you can get the toughest of thing. The owner of Goodluck Distributo, Mr Yogesh Agarwal is the maternal uncle of Rahul Singhal. Rahul truly dedicates his success to his management guru and lead motivator Mr. Yogesh Agarwal whose support made his not only  to withstand all troubles but also to emerge victorious.

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About Me
When you have decided to achieve things in life no matter what your age is you can go ahead long road of success with your commitment and true dedication.  Rahul Singhal has proved it with his continuous effort to strive for success.

Rahul Singhal is a pharmacy trader, director of Amnicure healthcare pvt Limited. He has acquired the knowledge of commercial tax & income tax from Institute of Management and Technology and Institute of Chartered accountant of India and he is working as commercial tax consultant in RSS associates, which is his own entrepreneurship firm. He is a highly motivated person with zest for life.

He is the enthusiastic, dynamic, and informative and with persistent endeavor to achieve his goal he is sure to go a long way of success.

Apart from different profit venture that he has, he is an active socialist and has set up an NGO named Krishna Charitable trust to volunteer various socio-development causes like child education, water conservation etc.

To cherish your dream you have to start from ground level. You may at times feel depressed but with persistent effort you can get all what you desire, this has been the driving factor for success of Rahul Singhal as such a juvenile age! He also owes his success to his maternal uncle who has been a major guiding force for him. He is support has been one important factor for making Rahul continuously excited to achieve his goal.
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